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Home Design Trends in 2020

Posted by Laura Webster on Tue, Sep 15, 2020

The features and design ideas that have been trending in our Cincinnati area remodels include a wide range of elements that can be adapted for many types of home projects, budgets, and styles. While trends can turn some homeowners off as too risky, certain trends occur as a progression of our collective concept of what makes a good design in the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms of the home. Trends with lasting power, those we see over the course of years, ultimately are the design styles that will be remembered the most, will be those expected by home buyers, and will have more of a chance of becoming a classic design element that lasts for decades. Here are seven current trends we're keeping an eye on this year.

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Project Tour: Family Kitchen Remodel in Mason

Posted by Laura Webster on Tue, Aug 4, 2020

Like many homes, the kitchen in this Mason house could have been considered trendy and stylish at one time, but with a crowded floor plan and dark cabinets, the appeal of the design was leaving the family feeling cramped. The new kitchen design is, by comparison, a remarkable transformation to a bright, roomy and comfortable-feeling space for the whole family to enjoy.

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7 Design Considerations for Basement Kitchens

Posted by Laura Webster on Mon, Jun 29, 2020

Have you ever wished for a second kitchen to store items you use for entertaining along with extra appliances and a sink for preparing food? If you’re planning a basement remodel, you may find the extra space you need.  When designing a lower level living space, think of a basement kitchen, kitchenette or bar area the same way you would if you were remodeling the primary kitchen of a home. Here are seven design considerations for creating an attractive and functional second kitchen in your home.

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Topics: Lower Level, Kitchens, Lighting, Countertops

Project Tour: Multi-Purpose Basement in Western Hills

Posted by Laura Webster on Tue, Apr 7, 2020

This Western Hill's client desired a basement space in the home to entertain both family and adult friends. The existing basement wasn't quite able to keep up with the variety of needs for the new space. With several rooms and alcoves off the main area, the floorplan provided a good opportunity to maximize the function of the space. Key to achieving success in the new lower level design was to define the purpose of each zone and unify the entire basement with a cohesive design.

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Topics: Project Spotlight, Lower Level

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