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What’s Your Cabinetry Style?

Posted by Neal's Design Remodel on Tue, Jul 9, 2024

You may already know that there are a lot of options when it comes to cabinetry styles. Even putting aside color and stain choices, cabinets come in a huge variety of options. What’s the best choice with so many to choose from? A professional designer will narrow down your best options based on your project’s overall goals, but it’s still helpful if you understand your preferences going in. In this post, we'll break down the two main components of cabinetry style to get you started.

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Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics in Home Remodeling

Posted by Neal's Design Remodel on Tue, Jul 2, 2024

If you’re going to go through the process of a remodel to adjust aspects of your home to suit your lifestyle, it’s important to understand the key aspects of functionality and aesthetics. Your new space should match the look and feel you want in its design style as well as have practical features that suit your needs. In terms of having a “well-designed” space, the functionality and the visual appeal should both be considered essential and should be balanced in the overall solution in your remodeling plan.

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Transforming Your Basement’s Potential

Posted by Neal's Design Remodel on Tue, Jun 25, 2024

Unfinished modern home basements often have irregular shapes and layouts. However, these unique configurations can lend themselves well to some creative space planning. By evaluating the specific shapes between outer walls, interior supports, and any immovable HVAC and plumbing fixtures, professional designers can carve out a variety of zones and rooms for an equal variety of purposes. By leveraging the potential of a quirky basement floorplan, you can gain maximum benefits with the number of amenities that can be added in.

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Maximizing Space and Function in the Kitchen

Posted by Neal's Design Remodel on Tue, Jun 18, 2024

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Large kitchens with sprawling space often get the limelight in magazines and online, but many homeowners may not have the need or room for such a large space. Many of the kitchens Neal’s Design Remodel works on each year are relatively mid-sized spaces, and designing for this scale can be a rewarding task. With the right strategies, a “regular-sized” kitchen can perfectly balance function and style with some key space-maximizing features. Whether you’re working with limited square footage or just looking to make your kitchen more efficient, these ideas will help you maximize your kitchen, at any size.

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