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2021 Color Trends for Kitchens & Baths

Posted by Christina Temple on Tue, Jan 26, 2021

At the start of each year, there are a slew of articles that highlight interior paint and decor color trends. For those looking to go beyond a paint job this year with a remodel, however, paint color trends don't quite answer the question of what color choices are on trend when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom. Looking at color trends as they apply to a room with cabinetry can give homeowners with an interest is what's current a better idea of what to consider in their home remodel. Here we take a look at the rising trends in the kitchen, bath and home remodels we've completed.

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Home Design Style 101

Posted by Christina Temple on Tue, Jan 12, 2021

Knowing what style your home is and what style you prefer is an asset when it comes to working with a designer for a remodel. Taking a little time to narrow your style preferences down can greatly help streamline what products, materials and other options make sense for your project. If you can go into your remodel with some confidence about the styles you like and want, it will vastly improve how quickly your designer can help find the products and layouts that work for you.

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Posted by Christina Temple on Mon, Oct 12, 2020

The style of cabinet door used in your kitchen is unquestionably the most important design feature. Door style and color set the tone for the space, and provide the backdrop to the unique elements that make one kitchen different from the next. Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and appliance panels create the core of the kitchen’s visual look. With all the options for the form and style of the door, color, finish, and extra details, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. To help you stay on track, we’ve outlined the three key points to consider when selecting cabinet doors that suit you, your home, and your needs.

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6 Traditional Design Elements for Kitchens

Posted by Christina Temple on Mon, Jul 20, 2020

Traditional-style kitchens are typically considered formal, sophisticated and classic. Traditional design incorporates architectural features from European, Mexican, and Colonial American traditions. Elegant craftsmanship, embellishments and refined details are important. If you love the look of a traditional home, here are six traditional design elements for kitchens to consider as you plan your kitchen remodeling project.

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Topics: Design Trends and Ideas, Kitchens

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