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Posted by Alan Hendy on Tue, Dec 29, 2020

While this year has been one in which being at home has been more typical for many, the winter has always been the season when we find ourselves hunkering down and staying in more often. It's also the time of year when we tend to see more clearly the ways in which we may be outgrowing or disliking our homes, and dreaming of the remodeling possibilities the new year might bring. Last week we took a look as some inspiring kitchens to highlight what a remodel can do to improve a home's style, function and comfort. This week, we'll build on that (see what we did there?) and highlight some helpful resources for those who are ready to take another step toward making their home dreams a reality in the next year.

Kitchen remodel in Madeira

Kitchen Planning Resources

While this resource page looks at kitchens specifically, the links and tools you'll find here can be useful for other types of projects since some of the basic considerations will be the same whether you're remodeling a kitchen, bath, or other interior area of your home. The page is arranged to help you move from a general feeling of wanting to remodel your space and building up some ideas and confidence in your wants and needs, into the practical world of design to get you thinking more specifically about how your ideas and inspirations can be translated into your own project. Then it introduces you to the process Neal's uses, known as Design-Build, and gives you some insight into how to go from idea to actual remodeling project. We've created this resource page to help any homeowner, regardless of whether they live in the Cincinnati area or not, but of course local homeowners are encouraged to sign up for a consultation with us when they're ready.

Homeowner's Guides to Remodeling

We've created a handful of guides that look at specific areas of the home to help walk homeowners through the planning stages of a remodel. While it's always an option to put your project fully into the hands of the professionals and trust their vision and process, you may also be the type of person who prefers to be fully involved or at least know the steps and understand what decisions you may need to make. Our guides are meant to give you a foundational knowledge of remodeling so that you can feel confident that you know what is involved. These guides are set up with sections to allow you to either read everything all at once, or just skip to specific items when you need them. You can find the entire collection of guides on our Idea Center.

Neal's 1000+ Ideas Gallery

If you're anywhere in the realm of considering a change to your home, the chances are high that you've got your eye out for inspiration. While it's important to note that every custom remodeling job has unique factors, budgets, and needs, it can be incredibly helpful to look at project photos to get a sense of what you like, what you find useful, what you dislike, what styles you prefer, and even the scope of the project you'd like to tackle. It's also always better to look for these things in real projects that are relevant to your geographic location since a model home in the southwest isn't necessarily going to translate to a real home that needs to be lived in located in the Midwest. Our gallery is composed of hundreds of ideas from our own projects and are grouped into categories such as kitchens, before and afters, hardware, and more. We also have a gallery full of different types of projects and styles that you can browse to get a sense of where your style tastes might lean. Letting your designer know what projects you like and what you don't is an incredibly helpful method of narrowing down your own project's design and style. You can gain access to the gallery here.

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Of course, you may also be the type of person who just likes getting into it. We've got you covered too! If you're in the Cincinnati area and are ready talk to us to see if we're a good fit for you and your project, you can get started by requesting a free consultation visit. Whether you're already knowledgeable about the remodeling process or not, your team is prepared to guide you however you need. Click below to request your consultation and tell us about your project.

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