4 Non-Boring White Kitchens to Inspire Your Remodel in 2022

Posted by Frank Kuhlmeier on Tue, Dec 7, 2021

Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, and of course styles. White kitchens, in particular, have become a popular trend in the past decade. If you've considered white for your kitchen but brushed it off as too bland or boring, we'd like to present you with evidence of the contrary. Here are four kitchens that use careful design and clever details to show that white can be anything but a dull option.


This Symmes Township kitchen remodel features a charcoal gray and white color scheme and a truly transitional style. The two-tone design is kept interesting by swapping the colors on the island. The dark stain of the island cabinetry acts as a grounding element to the space. The choice of lighting is deliberately done here as well. The crisscrossed design mimics that of the display cabinets and nods to the overlapping veins of gray in the island counter. 


This kitchen is packed with practical convenience as well. Interior cabinet fittings can be found in several locations that streamline storage and make it easy for all of this kitchen's users to find what they need. This is a particularly great way to help older children feel welcome in the kitchen, where they can serve themselves while keeping your style and aesthetics intact.

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This contemporary kitchen remodel in Blue Ash mixes texture and neutrals to outline the various working zones. Though predominately white around the perimeter of the room, the design switches to warm grays in a few key spots to highlight the area. All around, the kitchen is a bold contemporary style, and the various surfaces play off each other in a warm and casual manner. Even the choice of stainless steel appliances is key to this design.


As the kitchen transitions into the breakfast room, the design continues to evolve. Here at the beverage sidebar, white is left out entirely in favor of the two gray materials. It's this type of switching of styles that gives the space a balanced look. Airy and a bit feminine in the white areas, masculine and bold in the darker areas. By using a specific element (the stained gray woodgrain) in accents throughout the kitchen the result looks cohesive and intentional.

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This Indian Hill kitchen is a gorgeous example of traditional design, but it's completed in a manner that feels unconventional and modern. The layout is unusual and works with the footprint of the historical house. Rather than attempting to cram the entire kitchen into one wing of the space, the design continues around the corner, giving everything breathing room. 


With a kitchen of this size, it might be easy to let the scale of the space and a few well-chosen details do all the heavy lifting, but this kitchen is full of carefully-considered design choices inside and out. To match the floors, dark wood accents were used as a sidebar counter as well as interior cabinet shelving. A stylish and unexpected acrylic and brass drawer handle was used for the hardware throughout and was matched with gold-toned bronze accents on appliances and faucets.

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The charm of this Symmes Township kitchen comes in the way that it includes farmhouse details in a way that doesn't feel overly rustic. The white cabinetry is paired with dark coffee-colored base cabinets, lending gravity to the room. It's the hand-crafted accents that give this kitchen character, though. The custom range hood has a hand-applied patina, making it appear aged. The backsplash tile uses a concrete-like finish that feels artisan-made.


Beyond these details, this is a kitchen that can handle daily life with ease. The island is placed deliberately centered in the room to provide ample space on each side. This is great for the family to move about with each other when everyone trying to get out the door in the morning, and it works just as well for parties when friends are over and congregating in the space. The casual nature of the design style functions with all of this to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere that's up for anything. 

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