Maximizing Space and Function in the Kitchen

Posted by Neal's Design Remodel on Tue, Jun 18, 2024

Maximizing Space and Function in the Kitchen

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Large kitchens with sprawling space often get the limelight in magazines and online, but many homeowners may not have the need or room for such a large space. Many of the kitchens Neal’s Design Remodel works on each year are relatively mid-sized spaces, and designing for this scale can be a rewarding task. With the right strategies, a “regular-sized” kitchen can perfectly balance function and style with some key space-maximizing features. Whether you’re working with limited square footage or just looking to make your kitchen more efficient, these ideas will help you maximize your kitchen, at any size.


Utilizing Vertical Space

Make use of your kitchen’s vertical space by having soffits removed or installing taller cabinets that reach the ceiling. If you have an older home with very high ceilings, you may not wish to go that far up, but use the extra headroom to your advantage with extra cabinetry placed above your “everyday” cabinets. Tall cabinets offer more opportunity for interior organization and capacity while high cabinets can provide long-term storage or display space. If you’re worried that taller cabinets will make your kitchen feel more enclosed or top-heavy, consider including glass-fronted cabinets to add light and dimension, or break up the cabinetry with some open shelving.


Thoughtfully-Designed Storage

It’s important to account for all the items you need to store in your kitchen so that you can find the right places for them. For example, how many kitchens have you been in where there wasn’t a cabinet designated for pots and pans, or a spice rack on the counter because there wasn’t a spot for them in a cabinet? Be sure to talk with your designer about how and where you need your supplies to be so that specific and correctly-sized solutions can be provided in your limited storage space.


Interior Cabinet Pull-Outs and Drawers

Inside nearly any kind of cabinet, you can include interior features that create even more organization and function. Pull-out shelves and drawers in cabinets allow you to access items at the back without having to move things out of the way. Swing-out accessories allow you to make use of the space in larger corner cabinets. Nested interior drawers create more specific storage without adding more drawer fronts and handles to the visible design. These types of storage options are numerous and make organizing your space much easier and more efficient, helping you keep your kitchen clutter-free.


Customized Appliance Options

Appliances can sometimes feel like they get the lion’s share of the kitchen’s square footage. Keep in mind, however, that today’s appliance market is more robust with more options than ever before. Consider looking at a wider range of appliance options to see if there are alternative solutions that provide the same function as the typical version but with more customization. Invisacook, an innovative induction cooktop option, completely frees your countertop from a bulky appliance by allowing the space to have multiple functions. Slim refrigerator columns that can be placed in a custom configuration, dishwasher drawers instead of one single dishwasher, and combination microwave-ovens can all provide customized functionality without taking up more space.


Clever Design Features

In addition to customized storage and appliances, thoughtful design features can make a small kitchen feel larger and more functional. Open shelving creates an airy feel and provides easy access to everyday items. By displaying attractive dishes and glassware, you can add a decorative element to your kitchen while keeping it functional. Cohesive color schemes with low contrast and a variety of sources of both natural and artificial light will create a dynamic look in the space that can visually make the kitchen feel larger and more welcoming.

Maximizing the space in your kitchen requires creativity and careful planning, but with the right strategies, you can have a space that is just as efficient as it is beautiful. By utilizing smart storage solutions, investing in the right appliances for your needs and space, and incorporating clever design features, you can maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen at any scale.

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