Ideas for Remodeling Your Guest Bath

Posted by Cyndi Kohler on Tue, Feb 26, 2019

Updating or overhauling your guest bathroom is a straight-forward remodeling project that can often make a great impact in the home. Whether your guests have to share the hall bath, they get their own private room, or you just need a nice bathroom for when you have people over, the guest bath has a different inherent character than a more personal master bath. Here we outline some considerations for your new guest bathroom.

Lower Level with bathroom in Kenwood.

Make the Space Intuitive

If you've ever been a guest in someone's home and needed a fresh roll of toilet paper, you know the importance of things being in intuitive locations. This applies to extra bathroom tissue, soap, towels, toothpaste, and the waste basket. If you had no idea where these items were, you'd hope that your instincts about their locations were accurate. Limited storage locations can help. If there's only the cabinetry at the vanity, then there's only one place to look for needed items. Take the time to put yourself into your guests shoes and think about where things make the most sense. The design of your storage should accommodate these natural locations, rather than simply stashing items where there's room. This idea also applies to light switches, the operating mechanism for the shower, and even the way the door locks.

Guest bath in Sharonville with Universal Design features.

Consider Universal Design Principles

Your guest bathroom is likely to be used by a very wide range of people. This includes young to old, but also people with different mobility concerns. If there is one room in the home that benefits the most from Universal Design, it's the guest bath. The concept of universal design is to create a space that is comfortable and accessible for everyone. You don't have to create a fully accessible bathroom like a public restroom, but there is some inspiration you can take from them. Ensure that you have a clear open space in front of the shower. Consider if there's something easy and safe to hold when your guests are exiting the tub. Be sure the bathroom is well and comfortably, lit. And maybe keep a foot stool handy for younger guests.

45123_41Lower Level guest bath in Western Hills.

Keep it Low Maintenance

Hard-wearing materials that are easy to take care of and don't show grime or dust are the guest bathroom's best friends. Since this is not a room you are going to be putting to its paces every day, it's easy to forget about it. So when company comes calling, you don't want to have a panic attack when you realize you haven't swiped it with a wet cloth in longer than you care to admit. Low maintenance options for counters, flooring, tile and fixtures don't come at a sacrifice in style and quality, but some finishes will conceal water spots or dirt better than others. Look for options in your budget that match how much the room will be used and cleaned.

Guest bath in Loveland.

Appeal to a Range of Style Tastes

Unless you've got a full theme in mind for your guest bath that you want to go all in with, it's best to keep the style of the multi-user bathroom at least mildly appealing to them all. This isn't to say that the bath should be bland or minimal. Just not over the top without intention. If you have a traditional style home, and you like the look of traditional furniture, then go for a bath that is traditional but keep things scaled down or neutral. Same if your tastes lean modern. If you have guests over that don't exactly share your style preferences, you want them to still feel comfortable in this space. Decor matters as well on this one.

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