4 Bathrooms that Mix Black & Brown

Posted by Neal's Design Remodel on Tue, Dec 28, 2021

Black and brown can be a powerful combination when used in the right balance. These two neutrals lend themselves well to contemporary or transitional spaces and can add a masculine touch. Black is a bold color to use in any space, so it is the role of brown to soften the contrast. In these four bathrooms, you'll see some consistency in the use of brown in the cabinetry, but in each case, the shade of brown tailors the overall style into a specific look. 


In this Indian Hill bathroom, the rich brown of the flat front vanity cabinets helps tie the room's brass accents together. The black elements– a tile backsplash, a Neolith slab wall behind the tub, and the base of the clawfoot tub– are bold, but with the warmth and vibrancy of the brown and brass, the overall effect is a rich and varied palette of dark tones contrasting the white used throughout. This combination provides the space with a retro-feeling glamour that feels vintage in style but modern in taste- a perfectly balanced combination. 


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An important feature of any black and brown color combination is the lighter elements used to support the mix. In this Indian Hill bathroom, the black countertops and hardware stand out from the pale beige backdrop. The medium brown vanity cabinetry, with a finish that highlights the wood grain texture, fills in the visual space between the light and dark. In this bathroom, charcoal gray floor tiles are used to carry the darker color to the other end of the room where the lighter elements dominate.


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Where the previous bathroom used black and brown as accents, this Evendale bathroom flips the mix and uses black and gray-toned browns as the primary colors so that white offers a counterbalance. This modern design utilizes an eye-catching tile design that pairs matte and glossy black tiles in a herringbone pattern installed on the opposite ends of the space. The long vanity in the center acts as a tie between the two, giving the eye a soft and neutral place to rest. Black door hardware and a dark gray vanity countertop round out the mix.


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In this Symmes Township bathroom, brown replaces black as the main color. The medium-toned, rustic brown cabinetry and ceiling tile in the shower are pulled into a more modern direction by the black accents. The overall effect is a warm and welcoming bathroom that marries farmhouse and industrial styles, which is perfect for a shared bathroom. Note also how the black elements– the framing of the glass shower walls, the chunky hardware, the frame of the mirrors– create a motif of straight lines and grids, like an architectural sketch brought to life 


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