2018 Bathroom Tile Trends

Posted by Michael Henson on Tue, Apr 24, 2018

There may not be any surface treatment better suited to the wet environment of the bathroom than tile. With a huge amount of styles, colors, materials, and installation options, tile can make just as good of a backdrop as it can a focal point. In a bathroom, your choice of tile can have a bigger impact than in a larger space like a kitchen, so it's important to consider all the options available within your budget and style. Here are the 2018 bathroom tile trends to consider that are key in planning your bathroom renovation.

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Tile Option Basics

There are many varieties of tile and it’s important to know the difference when planning. Having an idea of where you will be installing tile within your bathroom is key here, since different tiles have different properties better suited to certain applications.

By far the most abundant and popular tile material option, ceramic offers the largest selection of possibilities within any set of factors. Ceramic tiles can be made from a variety of clay types, each with it's own set of color and texture characteristics. It can be made into any shape or pattern, glazed or painted with any color, and can even be made to look like other materials.

A stronger cousin to ceramic, porcelain is typically offered in a selection of neutral colors with subtle marbling or veining. If durability is a concern in your bathroom, porcelain is worth considering.

Natural Stone
Any of the variety of natural stone options out there, such as slate, sandstone or marble, can be cut into tiles for use in the bathroom. Most natural stones offer strength and resistance to humidity or heat, but not all stones are slip resistant, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons for any natural stone you may be considering. Most natural stones will require sealing and a higher level of maintenance in the long term.

Most commonly used for wall treatments rather than on the floor, glass is an ideal choice for a low-maintenance, reflective material. Glass tiles can often be utilized for additional color accents, or to assist with creating a specific design motif or style.

Unique and deeply colored ogee tiles in the shower of this otherwise white bathroom create a striking but reserved impact.

Knowing Which Tiles to Mix

The use of various tile types, textures and colors in the entire tile scheme isn't a new trend, but it feels like designers are being a bit more playful with tile combinations in 2018. By choosing different but coordinated tiles in each area of the bath (vanity, floor, shower, etc.), the room feels less static or neutral, but striking the right balance can be difficult. Here are some things to look for if mixing tile types is in your plan:

Consider size
In addition to mixing different materials in the tile work, consider the way the tile sizes relate to each other. This isn't to necessarily suggest that large tiles should be paired with small accents, but that's one, easy option.

Pick within a limited palette
Select 2-4 colors and mix and match tiles within those, looking for subtle variations or different textures.

Minimalism: less is more
Make sure your eyes have places to rest by balancing busy or bright titles with soothing solids. For example, if you've selected a glossy, highly-reflective tile, mix it with a matte tile to avoid overload.

EjPV7hocyTHlThe mixture of simple geometric tiles in different neutral colors creates interest without overwhelming this shower.

Choose Professional Design & Installation Over the DIY Approach

We're undoubtedly biased on this, but a design professional and an experienced installer are great resources for upgrading your bathroom's tile. Your designer can assist you with all of the considerations above, and help you narrow down the range of options. They also have access to a much larger variety of tile types and styles than big box home improvement stores, which is a considerable asset for finding that "just right" shape, color, or texture. A professional installation will ensure that all the effort to find the tiles that are perfect for your bathroom look the way you imagined.

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