Creative Ideas for Window Seats in Any Room

Posted by Eric Hertzfeld on Tue, Jul 29, 2014

Versatile window seats provide a solution for creating more seating and storage in a room. They can be used to add a different design element to the room, fill recesses or even camouflage unattractive elements such as a radiator. Generally, window seats are custom-built to fill spaces and to accommodate drawers or base cabinets. Here are several creative ideas for window seats that we have designed and built for almost every room.

Creative Ideas for Window Seats in Any Room

A window seat was built for a lower level family room to provide additional seating for three. A custom cushion was made for the seat and decorative pillows were added.

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Living Rooms

Living rooms are a perfect spot for window seats, especially if you enjoy entertaining. A window seat can increase the seating capacity in the room without having to add a sofa, love seat or chairs that will take up floor space. Allow about 24 inches or more per person for comfortable seating and consider if you want to use a cushion for comfort. A seat can be flanked with display and storage cabinets to optimize floor space in the room.

living room window seat

Hearthside seating adds more space for guests in a cozy living room.

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window seat with hinged wood bench

A window seat with a hinged bench opens to provide hidden storage in this living room. The seat is matched to built-in cabinets and woodwork.

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window seat with built-in display cabinets

A window seat integrated with two built-in display cabinets and storage drawers reduces the need for furniture pieces in this living room.

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Family Rooms

You can be creative when building a window seat for a family room. If you are remodeling a lower level to add a family room, there may be nooks, crannies or recesses near a window that are ideal for adding seating and storage. A window seat can provide a place for storing blankets or toys if equipped with a lid that opens into a “chest.”

custom window seat with cabinets

A reading nook in a family room provides a place for seating and storage. An octagon portal window brings natural light into the space. Base cabinet storage can be used for books or blankets.

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two window seats frame a fireplace

Two window seats frame a fireplace and have base cabinets where the audio and television equipment are stored. The cabinet doors are vented to prevent the equipment from overheating.

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If your kitchen has several windows you may want to add window seat to create a continuous line of cabinets and to optimize kitchen storage with drawers or base cabinets.

kitchen window seat

A window seat connects cabinets and adds two storage drawers in this kitchen. A custom-made bolster pillow and cushion provide comfortable seating for two and add color to the room.

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kitchen window seat with storaged rawers

This window seat adjoins cabinets and adds four drawers for storage. A custom one-piece cushion was designed expressly for the bench and fits snuggly under the windowsill.

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window seat covering heating unit

A window seat was used to camouflage a heating unit in this kitchen. Slats allow the heat to flow through. It provides a warm spot to thaw out on a cold winter day.

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Dining Rooms

Holidays and special occasions often require overflow seating for guests. More homeowners are opting for open floor plans that combine kitchen and dining areas that require attention to the configuration of seating and the way it impacts the traffic flow in the space. Windows seats in a dining area can help to accommodate a crowd when you are serving a buffet dinner or for people to sit as they socialize. Since the seat is located on a wall, it helps to keep the floor space open for gatherings. Drawers can be used for storing table linens and base cabinets can be used to store serving platters and bowls.

dining room window seat

A window seat provides overflow seating and storage for table linens in a home with an open concept floor plan that integrates a kitchen and family room with a dining area.

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Master bathrooms can be a spa or retreat in a home. Bathroom space is often limited so it’s important to use every inch of space wisely, even the space under a window. In a bathroom, window seats can serve a variety of functions from actual seating to providing a space for artwork display.

master bath window seat

A window seat in a master bath provides storage for towels and a place for grooming.

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window seat between bathroom vanities

Two vanities are separated by a window seat that includes a drawer for extra storage.

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corner bathroom window seat

Additional storage was added to this bathroom by fitting a window seat into a corner that otherwise might have been wall space. Instead of seating, the solid surface bench is used for display and provides and elegant touch to the room.

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master bath window seat with storage drawers

A recessed wall under a window was used for a window seat that includes two storage drawers and connects the cabinets in this bathroom.

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Dormers and bedroom windows are places to add a window seat. In children’s rooms, storage can be added for books, toys and games.

bedroom palladium window seat

A bedroom palladium window with a magnificent view is an inviting spot for a window seat.

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Sunrooms are encased with windows so why not take advantage of this and add a seat, or perhaps a seat with a view of the outdoors?

sunroom window seat

A sunroom window seat was built next to a fireplace and provides a view of the yard and garden.

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Window seats can also be used in hallways, offices and porches.

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