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6 Before & After Home Addition Projects

Posted by Alan Hendy on Tue, Sep 27, 2016

Home additions can achieve a few different things. The obvious is that an addition provides additional square footage to the year-round living areas of the home. On the exterior, an addition can facilitate architectural improvements to the home's look, enhancing the home's design or style. Inside, additions can become a catalyst for altering an interior layout in nearby rooms or hallways that may have been less than ideal. In this post, we'll take a look at 6 before and after addition transitions that accomplished one or more of those things.


This vacation house in Indiana was a small concrete block building with cabin-like siding to give it a rustic look. The scale and style, however, looked more like a summer camp building than a vacation home. To improve the curb appeal and add square footage, the house was expanded in a few areas, primarily at the front. Inside, the front addition is a new living room. Outside, the change to the exterior layout created the perfect opportunity to convert the home's style to that of an Arts & Crafts bungalow. This new look is carried primarily by the new columns needed for the addition, as well as a new door and cottage-esque siding.


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The clients for this addition project felt limited by the relatively small, screened-in porch on the back of the house. They sought a larger space for family gatherings and entertaining. The resulting room is a rustic-inspired, all-season space with a cathedral ceiling and grand fireplace. The completed project also included an outdoor patio great for entertaining as well as daily usage.


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The owners of this brick colonial-inspired home were looking for a remodeling solution that would allow them to add a home office to the already cramped first floor. They also needed more room in the kitchen, to increase efficiency there with better counter space, and to create a room that could handle it when the whole family was together. An addition on the side gave the homeowners the interior room they needed, and gave the exterior a bit of interest and a greater presence on the property.


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This Sycamore Township home was missing the kind of open living area the family needed. The solution, to push through the kitchen's wall into the back porch, became more than a simple room addition. With the back of the house open, an L-shaped space was added that encompassed a completely new kitchen, dining room and living room. It also rearranged the first floor's primary hallway, and helped to create a better family entrance through a new mudroom and into an inviting hall. In this project, while the addition itself was relatively simple, the additional space created an entirely new layout and flow on the home's first floor.


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In order to maximize their available living space, this family of six realized that it was time to start thinking outside the box. Not looking to increase the home's footprint (the space a house takes up on the ground), they settled on a room addition over the office and side porch. The benefit of this addition (other than the new bedroom it created) is that it addressed the house's odd roof line from the side- the elevation that's seen first from the road. This improvement happened because the design of the addition matches the existing design at the front of the house- a rectangular room over a bay window. Now the home has both interior space and exterior balance.


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In the process of creating a new kitchen, and renovating the entire backyard, this Bridgetown home's great room started to look not as great. The scale was off, for starters. Not even large enough to fit a couch, the homeowners were unsure what the octagonal space was actually supposed to be. The addition was the fairly simple solution of increasing the size of the room by a few feet on one side and pushing the ceiling height higher. The new room easily fits a sectional, making its purpose clear. The windows flood the kitchen with natural light and provide easy views to the back yard.


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