How to Set Priorities for a Bathroom Remodel [Free Guide]

Posted by Frank Kuhlmeier on Tue, Jan 29, 2013

When homeowners decide to remodel a bathroom, they are usually trying to improve the way the space functions for them. A bathroom is filled with essential elements they use everyday. Setting priorities is important to determining a floor plan and how the space will be used to meet their needs.

In many older homes, the main bathroom and master bathroom are often tight spaces. When this is the case, homeowners usually want to consider ways to add more space such as bumping out the room to the exterior or tearing down interior walls to gain more square footage. But is this what they need to do? It really depends on what their goal is for the project, the priorities they set, and the budget they wish to work within.

Corner Shower with Rainfall Showerhead



One Couple’s Experience

When we meet with homeowners we encourage them to talk to us about their priorities. One couple came to us with the intent of demolishing their current master bathroom and expanding the footprint by adding space from an adjacent closet. When we asked them about what they disliked most about their bathroom, they told us about a tub they never used that was gathering dust and how the shower was too small and confining.

Their priority was to have a large walk-in shower with a seat and multiple showerheads. As they identified other things they would like to include we asked them to clarify “needs” and “wants”.  Going through this process helped the couple decide what they really wanted to achieve with their bathroom remodel and it helped us to design an ideal bathroom for them. By setting priorities we were able to accomplish this without tearing down walls and also added a few more luxury items that might otherwise have been omitted due to demolition costs.

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How to Set Priorities for a Bathroom Remodel

We’ve been in business for more than 40 years. We know that it takes time to plan a bathroom project. Design involves determining the placement of elements, plumbing and building within code. But before we can get to that point, we ask our clients to talk about their vision and ideas for their project. We ask them very specific questions designed to help them articulate their goal for the project and distinguish between the “must have” items and the items they would prefer to have but are optional to the success of their goal.

Our process has worked very well over the years helping many homeowners successfully plan their bathroom remodeling projects. Now, we are very pleased to introduce our “Homeowner’s Guide to Bathroom Remodeling: How to Set Priorities for Your Bathroom Remodel”.

The guide, which you can download free on our website, begins with a set of questions to ask yourself about your project. It also provides a handy checklist to help you identify your “needs” and “wants”. Answer the questions and complete the checklist to share with one of our project consultants who will help create a design and solutions that will work for you.

Bathroom Priority Checklist opt

Other Resources

Other helpful resources you will find on our website include:

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We invite you to begin your project at Neal’s DesignŸ•Remodel and we look forward to working with you each step of the way.

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