A new walk-in shower can bring function and style into your bathroom.

Our Guide to Walk-In Shower Design Ideas will show you how to design a walk-in shower for almost any bathroom and customize it for style and use.


One of the hottest bathroom design trends.

Learn how to design a stylish Custom walk-in shower for your bathroom.

In this 15-page guide, you will learn:

  • The basic design options for walk-in showers
  • Typical cost factors
  • How to decide what fixtures to install
  • Universal Design considerations for safety

Learn what the options are for walk-in showers

Styles such as curbless, glass-walled, door-less, and more are covered to help guide you.


Determine which types of showerheads to include

There are several shower fixtures on the market. We explain what the options are.


Customize with stylish design details

Learn about tile options, wall styles, benches and niches to create a custom look.