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How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

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Neal's Homeowner's Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

Our “Homeowner’s Guide to Kitchen Remodeling” will help you plan your new kitchen. Part I of the guide helps you set priorities and budget expectations. Part II takes you step-by-step to find the right products for your project.

By downloading "Part I: How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling Project," you'll learn:

  • The questions to consider before starting your kitchen remodeling project.
  • How to identify and prioritize your project's "needs" and "wants", including our Priorities Checklist.
  • The average cost and return on investment for Cincinnati-area kitchen remodels.
  • How to set a preliminary budget and timetable.
  • How to collect and organize design ideas for your kitchen project.
  • Floor plan options.
  • The basic elements for designing a kitchen island that works for you.
  • Features for storage and universal design.
  • And much more!

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